Visual identity for a video game technology start-up

A bold logo for a video game technology start-up: It incorporates the P of Playmentum into a 'open in new tab' icon to illustrate the beyond-the-game experiences the business offers. It is completed with a striking colour palette.

A strong but flexible wordmark that commands attention: Multiple configurations and lock-ups accommodate the logo and optional co-branding text.

I was approached by Playmentum to craft a visual identity for the newly-formed brand, including a logomark, wordmark, and the selection of colours and typefaces. Recommendations for the application of the visual identity were also written and provided to the client. The result is a striking selection of assets backed by an eye-catching colour palette and interesting type. We have since collaborated on web design and extended the original library of visual identity assets.

Playmentum is a video game technology start-up engineering beyond-the-game experiences in direct partnership with developers.