The Engineering Notebook

Cover designs for a robotics podcast

The VEX Robotics brand is predominately red, and I have carried that across to the podcast cover. The incorporation of a grid in the background was inspired by blueprints. The foreground is composed of various robotics components, and there is a subtle gradient behind the text.

I also designed marketing materials that could be shared on social media platforms. This graphic features a screenshot of a mocked-up Spotify page to accompany the call to action. Spotify's logo mark and iconic bright green hue was incorporated in the top right to fill the whitespace and attract attention.

What if the world's largest robotics competition ran a podcast?

Alas, VEX Robotics do not have a podcast right now, but I wanted to explore how the brand could be extended to this format. The Engineering Notebook is what I came up with. The name of this fictional podcast is a reference to the comprehensive design document that competitors present to judges at the start of a VEX Robotics competition. It is a fitting name for a podcast all about the top teams' robot design, programming, and game strategy.

The above designs and concepts are unofficial. The Engineering Notebook is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by VEX Robotics.